Made it back to Glasgow for five days last week, and it felt great to live at a slower pace for a while. One thing you can rely on at home is things feeling roughly the same when you return, no matter what you’ve experienced elsewhere or what journey you’ve been on.



Sadly, one thing that has changed is my gran. Speaking to her regularly on the phone, I’m aware that old age and a hard life have taken their toll on her physically, but it isn’t until she answers the front door and stands before me that I’m confronted with the stark change in her appearance. Once inside, my mother asks me if I notice a difference in her, though I think she already knows what my answer will be.





Having taken photographs for as long as I have, I definitely believe capturing someone on film is a great way of immortalising them. Whenever I do make it up to East Kilbride, I will usually arm myself with at least some form of camera to capture the little moments I have with my gran. However on this visit, I thought more about the things that I will always associate with her, like the little keep-sakes that adorn her bedroom tables and kitchen counter-tops, or the well-ordered clutter of her living room, and the general din coming from various television sets and radios that constantly play around her flat.



93210029Each time I leave to go back to London, I hope that I will once again be able to sit in her kitchen and watch her smoke, or hear her laugh at her own musings, or see the glint that lingers in her eyes, long after her sight has all but gone.


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